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Electricity Innovation Challenge 2015

Electricity Innovation Challenge 2015 was an open innovation contest that took place in Gothenburg in autumn 2015. The contest attracted 48 teams that developed suggestions for innovations aimed at making tomorrow's bus journeys more attractive.

The purpose was to discover innovations that can contribute to making tomorrow’s bus trips more attractive. The goal was to develop prototypes than could be exposed and tested live in ElectriCity after the challenge. Competing teams had, in addition to expert advice and methodological support, among other things access to new open real-time data from the buses and drawings and plans for the bus stops. This was made available via the Electricity's innovation platform.


Competition management, EIC2015
Göran Smith, Viktoria Swedish ICT
Competition management, EIC2015
Anders Hjalmarsson, Viktoria Swedish ICT
Competition management, EIC2015
Peter Ljungstrand, Interactive Swedish ICT

ElectriCity Innovation Challenge 2015 is a collaboration between