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About the Challenge

Purpose & goal

EIC2015 pairs the possibilities within the demonstration arena ElectriCity with the joint creative force in Västra Götaland in order to demonstrate how the attractiveness of tomorrow's bus trips can be augmented. The goal is to develop prototypes than can be exposed and tested live in ElectriCity after the challenge.

Challenges & opportunities

The challenge focuses on three topics:

  1. Efficient & fun - How can the bus trips become a more efficient and fun way to travel?
  2. Attractive bus stops - How can bus stops be designed to be perceived as safe and attractive?
  3. Bus trips for all - How can bus trips become accessible and safe for everyone?

Building blocks

Participants will have access to new open real-time data from the buses, drawings of bus stops and much more. This will be made available via ElectriCity's innovation platform, which additionally will harbor a test lab. Furthermore, a broad consortium from both industry and academia in the Västra Götaland region stands behind the challenge. Expert assistance and advice will in other words be available.

Price, jury & rules

The jury will select three winning teams, one per category. These teams will win theme prizes in the form of diplomas, letters of recommendation and presents. The jury will furthermore select winners of the main prize, entrance to the EIC Advisory Board. This means an opportunity to present oneself and one’s prototype to stakeholders from the consortium and discuss how the prototypes can be tested and exposed in ElectriCity and eventually transformed into viable services and products. The EIC Advisory Board, which has both knowledge about the domain, experiences from development projects and established channels to financial sources will support the winners through evaluation and advice. The aim is that this should generate a number of collaboration projects. The goal of these projects is to test and expose the winning prototypes in ElectriCity.

Target group

The challenge is an excellent opportunity for those who want to learn more about the innovation process, participate in shaping tomorrow's bus trips, realize an idea, meet other innovators, showcase themselves to potential investors and employers, or just have a lot of fun. The challenge is aimed for students and professionals from all industries.