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Building blocks

Participants will have access to new open real-time data from the buses, drawings for bus stops and much more. This will be made available via ElectriCity's innovation platform accompanied by a test lab. Additionally, a very broad consortium from both industry and academia in the Västra Götaland region stands behind the challenge. Expert assistance will in other words be available.

Open real-time data

Volvo, Västtrafik, Keolis and Göteborg Energi will make new vehicle-related, traffic-related, operator-related and charging-related real-time information available. Furthermore, additional data will be available via e.g., and The challenge will therefore be an excellent opportunity for developing new digital services.

Master plans & drawings

Akademiska hus, Chalmersfastigheter, Johanneberg science park, Västtrafik, Västra Götaland and White will make information on the bus stops available through the ElectriCity innovation platform in the form of e.g. master plans, drawings and 3D models. Therefore, there will be plenty of basic information for those who wish to propose new bus stop architecture or new content on the bus stops.

Background information

The innovation platform moreover contains all the background information needed to understand what ElectriCity is, how the bus works and what plans Västra Götaland Region and the city has for the future.

Test lab

An opportunity to test and evaluate digital innovations will be offered in the innovation platform. This is to make it easy to build functioning prototypes that can later be exposed and tested live in ElectriCity.