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Challenges & opportunities


The overall challenge in EIC2015 is to develop digital or physical products and services for "tomorrow's attractive bus trip". Studies show that the attractiveness linked to public passenger transport among other things is related to the experience of the whole trip (door to door), whether the trip is hassle free and whether the journey is safe and secure. We would therefore like you to direct your innovation efforts in EIC2015 to at least one of the following three challenges, that all address the attractiveness of bus trips.

1. Efficient & fun

How can the bus trips become a more efficient and fun way to travel? Can for example new services and products help to enrich the time spent at bus stops and on buses, to create more rewarding social interactions or to make it easier to plan and carry out bus trips?

2. Attractive bus stops

How can bus stops be designed to be perceived as safe and attractive? Can for example new services and products contribute to that ElectriCity's new bus stops are perceived as something more than just a bus stop, to better integration of bus stops into their immediate surroundings or to persuading more people to spend time at the bus stops?

3. Bus trips for all

How can bus trips become accessible and safe for everyone? Can for example new services and products help to enable more people with physical or cognitive disabilities to ride by themselves? How can bus journeys become better suited for families, children and elderly? How can the threshold be lowered so that those who don’t travel regularly can use buses together with other modes of transport more smoothly?


Participants will have the opportunity to propose changes to the content on buses and bus stops. Suggestions that address physical content in Electricity's new bus stops or what to be displayed on the digital screens available on buses and bus stops are especially welcome.

The consortium behind EIC2015's ambition is to reward solutions that expose tomorrow’s attractive bus rides. We believe that the thresholds that make the trip inaccessible for several groups of travelers need to be lowered. We also believe that bus stops are ready for a renaissance, and that door-to-door travel by public transport benefits from innovations that make the trip a smooth, positive experience.

More information regarding available building blocks that are made available and the opportunities for exposure and testing of ideas are described under the tabs "building blocks" and "structure".