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An innovative idea is essential for winning EIC2015 - but an innovative idea will not win EIC2015. We want to reach further than that. Entries should be able to visualized, tested and experienced. The idea must become a prototype. The consortium behind the challenge will thus be available to support and guide the participating teams during the competition.

The competition begins on the 18th of September and ends with a final on the 21st of October. The teams organize their work themselves. However, a concept generation factory and a number of development workshops on different themes are organized in order to catalyze and support the innovation process.

13.00 on the 19th of September, all teams (even those not participating in the concept generation factory) must submit a written concept description, a Youtube presentation of the concept and an implementation plan. This is made via the tab "Challenge entries" where one can also access more information. On the 21st of October, all teams will exhibit their developed prototypes and pitch them for the jury.

More detailed information about the events can be found under "Events".

Concept generation factory

On September 18, a 24-hour event is organized where participants get active support in generating and systematizing ideas and in developing this baseline for innovative and feasible concepts that match the three challenge topics. The event will follow a proven concept development methodology that Interactive Institute has developed.

Development workshops

All participants will be encouraged to develop their concepts into prototypes during September and October, including business and implementation plans. To facilitate this work, four development workshops are organized where participants get help with various aspects. The themes are "24h with the bus", "Tomorrow’s bus stops", "Digital prototyping" and "From concept to business".


The final of EIC2015 takes place on the 20th of October. Competing teams will exhibit their concepts at Lindholmen Science Park for public display. During the day, the teams are also required to hold a 15 - minute pitch for the jury. The jury will select three theme winners and main winners of EIC2015 who will get an opportunity to present their prototypes for the EIC Advisory Board, in order to prepare demonstrations of the prototypes at the Electricity test and demonstration arena. Winners will be announced in connection to the Software Development Day the 21st of October.


One goal of the challenge is to fill ElectriCity with exciting innovations. The plan is moreover that the challenge should become an annual feature during ElectriCity's life period, from 2015 to 2018. All submitted entries will be exposed during the subsequent year. A special focus will however be directed towards the winners.