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Electricity Innovation Challenge final

22 October 2015
Electricity Innovation Challenge ended with a final exhibition at Lindholmen Science Park. 48 teams demonstrated incredibly well developed and interesting prototypes.

Yesterday between 14:00 and 17:00 in the Open Arena at Lindholmen Science Park, the public had a chance to examine prototypes from the following 48 teams:

Inertia, Elements, Qlajd, Karmen, Alive and Clickin’, Merk, DevIT, Rebus, Prothean Software, Kod blå, Signal unknown, Team BusGen, Tillfälligt Gruppnamn, VästQuiz, BGreen, Grupp 4, SocTec, Beike, Spoti5, Team "team name”, GhostBusses, Nxplore, OwlDroid, El Bús, Devkittens, Taffik, MaxMen, Snubbar med slips, The Ericsson Flamingos, HandiBus, Super Friends, VOLVO_EMC,Duct Tape Solutions, Tesla, TeamUno, hiHats, Lux Futura, Da Buzz, MekTravel, Buzzify, 4Wheels, The Bus Crew, Omni, WestSide, Bengan Boys, Team Osqar, WikmanPettersson and Semcon. 


The quality of the prototypes and the idea behind them was incredibly high. We in the challenge committee want to express a huge thankfulness towards all the participants who both put in an incredible effort during the entire contest and contributed to the excellent atmosphere at all the competition events. Thanks a lot! We hope that as many of you as possible will continue pursuing your projects towards realization.

Videos that describes the teams' prototypes are on display here.

The exhibition ended with an awards ceremony where five prizes were handed out. More about that in future updates.

Pictures taken by Caroline Karlsson and Jari Tammisto:eic2015_final_caroline_7.jpgeic2015_final_caroline_2_kopia.jpgeic2015_final_caroline_13.jpgeic2015_final_caroline_18.jpgeic2015_final_caroline_16.jpgeic2015_final_caroline_17.jpgeic2015_final_caroline_20.jpgeic2015_final_jari_3.jpgeic2015_final_jari_4.jpgeic2015_final_jari_5.jpgeic2015_final_jari_8.jpgeic2015_final_jari_10.jpg