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The innovation platform is launched

1 September 2015
Electricity's innovation platform is now launched. The platform offers tools and resources to facilitate the shaping of tomorrow's bus trips.

Electricity Innovation Platform is an innovation platform created within the project ElectriCity in order to enable internal and external development of new services and products.

The innovation platform provides information regarding the buses that operate on route 55 and on the bus stops along the route in particular, but also about public transport in the Västra Götaland region in general. The information can among other thing be used as a basis for creating concepts and prototypes in Electricity Innovation Challenge 2015.

The kind of information about ElectriCity that does not change over time - e.g. strategy documents, technical specifications, photographs and drawings can be found under the tab "library". The library will gradually be filled with more information, both before and after Electricity Innovation Challenge 2015.

The information about ElectriCity that changes over time, so-called real-time information, is gathered in an API (application programming interface). Examples of real-time information are; where the buses are right now, what temperature it is in the buses and whether someone has pressed the stop button or not. The API will be available from 18th of September 2015.

Tead more on the platform website: