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Utvecklingsverkstad: 24 timmar med bussen

24 september 2015 18:0021:00
Volvo Bus Experience Centre (Bus stop: Arendal skans)
Lär dig mer om vad som händer bakom kollektivtrafikens kulisser och om hur bussen fungerar.


  • Let the participants experience at first hand how a normal public transport day looks like from the bus perspective
  • Give the participants deep and holistic knowledge about the planning, operation and maintenance of public transport


  • Three hours event including general and in-depth presentations.
  • The in-depth areas to be covered are:
    • The bus –onboard systems and vehicle data
    • The bus –interior layout and design
    • Workshop and aftermarket
    • Traffic planning and drivers
    • Control Centre
    • The passenger


  • Introduction: Goal, agenda, set-up and partners àVolvo [5 min]
  • General Overview: General presentation around Public Transport àVästtrafik [25 min]
  • In-depth Discussions [2 hours, incl. 3 sessions of 40 minutes each]:
    • The bus –onboard systems and vehicle data à Volvo (Västtrafik)
    • The bus –interior layout and design à Volvo (Västtrafik)
    • Workshop and aftermarket à Volvo (Keolis)
    • Traffic planning and drivers à Keolis (Västtrafik)
    • Control Centre à Volvo (Keolis)
    • The passenger à Västtrafik
  • Mingling: Time to mingle for questions and discussion with the participants [30 min] 

Additional info

  • The maximum no. of participants is 2 persons per team.
  • Please write in the comments field below what stations (max 3) you are most interested in.
  • There will be bus transport from Arendal into Lindholmen once the workshop is over.


Anmäl dig här (deadline 21/9)